Propane Tank Fill and Exchange

Omega Equipment offers the following services:

  • Propane tank refill

  • Propane tank exchange

  • Sale of new propane tank

  • RV propane fill

Propane tank fill and exchange

Propane Tank – Tank exchange

Propane tank fill and exchange

Propane Tank – used to fill tanks and RV’s










Propane Applications

Propane can be used for many different applications.  Because the tanks are portable no additional installation is needed use them.  Some examples of propane systems are:
1. Propane Grill

2. Propane Fire Pit

3. Propane Patio Heater

4. Propane Generator

At home or in transit

  • Do not use, inspect or store a propane tank indoors.
  • Always keep your propane tanks upright and secure. When on its side, a propane tank’s relief valve may open, allowing flammable gas to escape. We recommend a Propane Tank Holder to aid in safely transporting your propane tank.
  • Never leave your propane tank in your vehicle. If your tank is left or stored in your vehicle, heat, sunlight and motion can increase pressure to an unsafe level creating a flammable, explosive environment. Always use, inspect and store propane tanks in well-ventilated areas.
  • Inspect your propane tank for leaks prior to use. The unintentional discharge of propane gas can cause a flammable, explosive environment. To check for leaks wipe down propane tanks and connections with a solution of soapy water. If a leak is present bubbles will form. If a leak is found, turn the valve off and check the system.
  • Propane gas leaks are indicated by the distinct odor of rotten eggs in the air. Remove any source of flame from the area and repair or replace any defective parts.

Contact your local fire department for rules and regulations in your area or if you have further questions.